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A lot of dental procedures are done for final enhancement of the smile. Some of these are Dental Bonding, Diastema closure, managing Peg shaped laterals, Ceramic veeners, Gum de-pigmentation, enamel shaping, correction of gummy smile, etc.

You Can Your Self Anayse your smile to know whether you need any smile makeovers.
Please stand in front of a wall  mounted mirror in a brightly lit room.
Preferably the mirror should be of sufficient length, so that you can see your complete self.
Now, smile normally.
Do you love the way your teeth look and the way you smile ? 
Are there any spaces between your teeth ?
Do you have any missing teeth ?
Do you have crooked, malpositioned theeth ?
Are any of your teeth shorter than the others ?
Are the canine teeth (corner) too prominent ?
Do you have a “gummy” smile ?
Have your gums receded or are they swollen ?
Do you have any silver (mercury) fillings in your teeth ?
Do you have any old crowns that do not match your natural teeth ?
Do the teeth look white or are they somewhat  yellow, dark, or stained ?
When being photographed, do you smile normally or is the smile restricted ?
Do you shy from showing a full smile in front of strangers ?
Are you embarrassed to visit a dentist due to the condition of your teeth ?
If For any of the Above Questions your Answer is

You Require A Smile Makeover

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