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What are crowns?
Crowns (also referred to as caps) are dental restorations that surround the prepared tooth structure to help strengthen weakened teeth that have been cracked, broken or decayed. Dentists use crown to help restore a tooth’s shape and improve chewing function, speech and aesthetics. These crowns are made of various kind of materials which get bonded or cemented into place. Crowns can be made out of porcelain, metal or a combination of both. Since these crowns cover the entire visible portion of the tooth, from the gum level up, they in essence become your tooth’s visible surface.
When are crowns recommened ?
Fractured teeth
Discoloured teeth
Fill gaps between teeth
Root canal treated tooth
Badly decayed tooth
Worn out tooth
Tooth which are deformed
To enhance your smile
How are crowns made?
A crown is made in the dental laboratory from the impression your dentist took of your prepared tooth. Your dentist prepares your tooth by first removing any old, failing restorations, and any weak or decayed areas of tooth structure. Then the core of the tooth is built by resin type materials that stimulate the tooth structure it is replacing. Enough tooth structure is removed all around to allow for proper thickness of metal / porcelain which gets fabricated by the dental lab.
Caring for crowns
To keep your restored teeth in the best possible shape, make caring of your teeth routine part of life.With proper oral hygiene, can crowns last long
Brush around your crowned tooth thoroughly to remove debris
Floss daily
Ask your dentist about special aids
Eat a well balanced diet to maintain healthy gums and teeth
See your dentist regularly
What are bridges?
Bridges are dental restorations designed to replace the areas where there are one or more missing teeth. There are two basic types of bridges, one is a fixed bridge (which gets bonded or cemented into place)and the other is a removable one(which can be taken out and cleaned after meals).Fixed bridges are made to rest on natural teeth , or implants, and are usually crowns that are splinted (attached) together. 
Why would someone need a bridge?
Reasons for having a bridge include: maintaining your appearance, your dental health and proper function of your mouth. The loss of a back tooth can cause your cheeks to sink in as you get older, resulting in a much older appearance. Additionally , when you have an empty space, your dental health and mouth’s function become compromised in many ways. Speech gets compromised, adjacent teeth drift and tilt, causing tooth decay, spacing, gum pockets, and loss of bone. Opposing tooth tend to erupt out of its socket in an attempt to meet up with another opposite tooth. Additionally, if multiple teeth are lost in the back of the mouth, it causes an additional stress on the other teeth, resulting in enamel to wear faster. In case of heavy grinders, missing teeth in the back can cause front teeth to wear, chip and break, causing their bite to collapse, and slowly break down what is seen when smiling. Missing teeth can affect the way you chew, causing an additional strain on your jaw and TMJ.
How do you clean around a bridge?
Brushing and flossing must be modified to properly clean around a bridge. There are special shaped brushes and electric brush heads that are designed to clean around a fixed bridge. Water piks and rinses are indicated to flush out the debris around the teeth. Additionally, there are floss threaders that are designed to thread under the connections of the bridge to allow for a through cleaning, along with interproximal brushes and other interdental cleaners that are designed for removing plaque that accumulate in this area i.e.(rubber tip, plastic tip, etc).
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