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A beautiful  smile is one of your greatest assests and is a reflection of happiness, confidence, high self-esteem and good health. The professionals at DENTALHOME are dedicated to providing our cliental with comfortable, convenient and quality dentistry and we strive to offer a lifetime of dental excellence.

Dr. Sweta Garodia
Dr. Sweta Garodia Is a Dental surgeon and has done her P.G. Certificate course in Oral Implantology. She has over  5 years of clinical experience in the field of dentistry. She keenly follows the newer developments in the field of dentistry  and incorporates them into her practice
Dr. Yashodhan M. Bichu (Orthodontist)
Dr. Yashodhan M. Bichu (Orthodontist) completed his Masters in Orthodontics from Government Dental College and Hospital, Goa as a Gold Medalist of Goa University. He undertakes consultations limited exclusively to the field of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics.
Dr. Sujit Mahajan (Oral Surgeon) M.D.S.
Dr. Sujit Mahajan (Oral Surgeon) M.D.S. in Oral Surgery and fellowship in Cleft lip and palate from Amrita Dental College, Kochi.
Dr. Viren Chaudhary (Periodontist) M.D.S.
Dr. Viren Chaudhary (Periodontist) M.D.S. in Periodontics from Sharad Pawar Dental College.
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