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Presence of the following facial or dental features may necessitate orthodontic treatment.
Unusual facial appearance such as under or overdeveloped upper or lower jaw structure.
Forwardly placed upper front teeth
Overlapping or irregularly placed upper and lower teeth
Spacing between the teeth
Excessive display of gums on smiling
Habits such as thumb or finger sucking, mouth breathing, or unusual tongue habits
Why align teeth and fix “bad bites” ?
Unfavourable dentofacial appearance may significantly hamper social behaviour and interactions. Also, extra efforts are usually required for successful chewing of food resulting in pain and discomfort to the jaw joint. Irregular teeth also prevent effective cleaning resulting in gum disease and dental decay.
Nowadays there are a variety of braces to choose from,
Metal Braces
Have Fun with Colours
Ceramic Braces
Invisible braces : Lingual orthodontics, Ceramic braces, Clear aligners are some of the recent techniques to correct malalignments ... without making a big show out of it.
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