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An implant is a man made "tooth root" which fuses with the jawbone. Made of Titanium, it is used to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement. It can be used to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth
Dental Implants are artificial tooth roots. Holes are made into the jaw bones and the artificial roots are placed and covered over. The implants then heal and integrate with the jaw. After healing an artificial top (crown) is placed into the implant and crowns, bridges and attachments for dentures can be placed. Implants can be used to replace individual missing teeth, but also to replace several teeth where a conventional bridge will not work. Patient with full dentures, especially lower full dentures that are more difficult to wear can benefit from implants. The implants can act as anchors to keep the denture in place in the mouth.
Unfortunately, dental implants tend to be costly. As noted above, any surgery introduces certain unavoidable risks, and these risks must be evaluated with the possible benefits of the implants.
If you have any questions about implants, please let us know.
How do you care for implants ?
The long term success of implants is, in part, determined by meticulous oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Although you cannot get cavities in implants or periodontal disease, it is possible to develop what is called peri-implantitis, which is inflammation of the tissues around the implants. To prevent this, keep brushing and flossing as you normally would your own teeth, and don’t forget to schedule your regular check-ups.
Are Implant procedures painful ?
These procedures are performed without discomfort, under the utilization of local anaesthesia .Occasionally general anaesthesia may be used depending on the individual and their medical history. Post-operatively there may be mild to moderate discomfort and some swelling, but nothing that cannot be controlled with the assistance of an oral analgesic that your doctor will prescribe.
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